可以用在例如 IP 位址 要取出最後主機位址時, 可以排序時使用.

Returns the substring from string str before count occurrences of the delimiter delim. If count is positive, everything to
the left of the final delimiter (counting from the left) is returned. If count is negative, everything to the right of the final delimiter
(counting from the right) is returned. SUBSTRING_INDEX() performs a case-sensitive match when searching for delim.
mysql> SELECT SUBSTRING_INDEX(‘’, ‘.’, 2);
-> ‘www.mysql’
mysql> SELECT SUBSTRING_INDEX(‘’, ‘.’, -2);
-> ‘’

[HOWTO] Installing Adobe Reader 9 to Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

On January 14th, 2010 at 5:51 pm Jukka Says:

  1. This is how you can install Acroread to Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit:

    1. Open Synaptic Packet Manager (from System / Administration)

    2. Add Partner Repository (to do this: under Settings choose Repositories, go to inter-leaf Other Software and tick-a-box besides ‘ karmic partner’, click Close)

    3. Update Repository info (to do this: click Reload button in Synaptic)

    4. Search for Acroread (to do this: click Search button in Synaptic)

    5. Install as usual (to do this: right click the tick-a-box besides Acroread package and choose ‘Mark for Installation’ and then click Apply)

    6. When done close Synaptic.

    That’s it. Nothing else to it.